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What role does flex play in skis?

The Importance of Flex when Buying Skis

Not all skis are made the same. This is not an attempt at poetry, this is a fact. Skis are made for very different styles of skiing and for very different types of skiers. Manufacturers of skis can make people skis that match exactly their tastes for exactly their favorite type of skiing.

One of the biggest factors in getting you the most comfortable skis for your skiing preferences is choosing the right flex. Flex is the factor that will affect a skiers float, turning, and overall stability.

  • Do you ski on fresh powder or hardpack?
  • Do you prefer cross country or downhill?
  • Bunny slopes or major moguls?

Stiffer skis will be better for speed on hardpack downhill type skiing while more flexible skis will be better for mobility on broken powder or bumpy rides. If you want to get the best skis for your skiing habits, check out the many manufacturers of skis and let them know what type of skiing you prefer. They will be able to match you with the best options.

What are twin tip skis?

Twin Tip Skis - From Fad to Standard

With the introduction of freestyle skiing, skiers were faced with needing the ability to maneuver their skis like never before. Reverse take-offs and other tricks in freestyle skiing were simply impossible using traditional skis. Enter the twin tip ski. Twin tip skis are made with both ends of the ski turned upward. This allows for just the type of agility that was mentioned above.

Once thought of as a fad, twin tip skis are now made by almost every major manufacturer in the ski industry. The turned-up tail allows the skier to use less pressure to release from turns, land safely after twisting jumps, and many other necessary movements. With traditional skis, such freestyling was simply impossible.

When it comes to the footings and bindings on twin tip skis, you will find that they are typically closer to the center of the ski. This allows for maintaining a center of gravity on the ski when skiing backwards or ‘switching'. Young skiers love twin tip skis for just this type of ability. If you want to give twin tip skis a try, be prepared for a little different ride and a whole lot more fun.

What do spacers or lifters do?

Spacers bring out the best in shaped skis

When buying shaped skis, consider adding spacers or lifters between your bindings and your skis. The benefit will be to increase edging ability and decrease “boot out”. Check with your local shop employee or mountain pro to determine how much "lift" is right for you.

Are parabolic skis a good way to learn how to ski?

Parabolic Skis - A Beginner's Dream Come True

Technology has allowed many things in our society to shave down their learning curve. From computers to flight simulators, many things are far easier to master these days. Skiing has traditionally had a fairly steep learning curve. However, since parabolic skis came around, beginning skiers have had the ability to take advantage of technology to advance their education. With the advent of snowboarding, ski manufacturers took notice of the easier learning curve.

Sharing in the technology of the snowboard, parabolic skis were developed with a shape that makes a ski resemble a snowboard. With fatter ends and a narrower middle, a beginning skier can get a much better feel for the balance that is necessary to stay on their feet with parabolic skis. Skinnier, traditional skis were very hard to learn on for most. With parabolic skis, this training can be much easier.

If you have a beginning skier that is having trouble getting the hang of skinny, straight skis, check into getting a pair of parabolic skis. You may find that your beginner is advancing faster than you ever would have thought with straight skis.

How do I pick the right skis for me?

Shaped Skis

The ski with the most shape is not necessarily the right one for you. A ski with too narrow a waist will not track well on straight, flat runs. Its tendency is to ride on its edge. A wide tail will inhibit a beginner (who typically rides a flat ski) from finishing a turn. Determining the right amout of shape for your ski involves many factors, so check with the ski pro at your local mountain, or a shop employee near your home.

What is great about today's skis?


You will know a ski's sidecut by its shape. Deep sidecuts revolutionized skiing in the mid-1990s. Most of today's skis have deep sidecuts (with a wide tip and tail, and a narrow waist), which help you turn (as long as you can lay a ski on its edge). If you are still skiing on your straight skis from the 80s, trade them in for new technology!

Should I switch from straight skis to shaped skis?

Make the Move from Straight to Shaped Skis

When skiing first became a largely popular pastime for the public, skis were made in a mostly ‘one-size-fits-all' manner. Straight skis were used for everything from cross country to speed skiing. Today, many skiers are making the shift to shape skis. Shape skis now give skiers choices for the type of ride they would like based on their preferred terrain. Many manufacturers make shape skis for men, women, and kids.

The advantages of shape skis are easily felt by any rider who tries them out. The biggest change that most will notice is in the far easier ability to turn and steer yourself on these shape skis. Straight skis required heavy pressure from the rider to make sharp turns if you needed to avoid something in the way. With shape skis, riders can make that move far quicker and avoid the possible trouble up ahead.

If you want a friendlier ride on your next ski outing, look into trading in your straight skis for a pair of shaped skis. Talk with a ski manufacturer about your preferred skiing terrain and they will give you the best shapes for your taste. Use shape skis on your next trip and you will never go back to straight again.

What is great about today's skis?


What is that piece of plastic fastened to that pair of skis the guy at the shop showed you last week? It is one of various measures ski makers take to reduce the amount of vibration in the tips and tails of their skis when in use. This leads to easier energy transference for the skier. And that leads to better skiing. Hurray!

How can I save money on skiing?

Buy Current

Ski swaps may be a cheap way to enter skiing, but only if you find a good deal on excellent (preferably shaped) skis. No skier's first pair should be dated equipment. Old skis suffer from wear and breakdown as much as other material goods. This is very important. If you want to go places skiing, spend a little money on your skis. If money is tight, try your local ski shop's clearance rack (or ebay, of course).

Are straight skis better for speed skiing?

Need for Speed? Stick to Straight Skis

Different skiers have different traits. For those that prefer speed with their skiing, choosing the right type of ski can make a big difference in their capabilities for fast rides. To get the most speed out of your next run, stick with straight skis for their aerodynamic design and ability to slice through the powder.

When compared to shaped skis, straight skis hold the speed advantage because they can, literally, cut right through the snow. Whether soft powder or dense hardpack, for the advanced skier, straight skis will provide the smoothest, fastest ride available. Don't let yourself be slowed down by the fatter skis that will grab too much of the ground to really get going. The less friction, the better.

With skinny, straight skis, you will have little friction to keep your speed down. If you want the speed on the slopes, stick with straight skis. Ask a ski instructor for other tips to getting the most speed out of your next trip down the slopes.

How do I learn about ski manufacturers?


Salomon's ski product line has breadth and width. This ski equipment leader can outfit you for warm weather activities, as well. Choose Salomon skis (another top brand that has integrated systems of skis, boots, and bindings) and expect excitement. Salomon's top models feature the Pilot binding, an integrated ski/binding system the company introduced at the start of this millennium to maximize the skier's energy transference and control capabilities.

How do I learn about ski manufacturers?


You have probably heard of Rossignol. The company made its first pair of wooden skis about a century ago and its brand of planks has been a household name to skiers for decades. Rossignol skis have an option for everybody, and integrated systems that can help you attack the slopes more proficiently. Parents, load the site with your sound muted. Some of the song lyrics seemed “unfit for primetime” at the time of this writing.)

Can anyone use racing skis and get better speed?

Racing Skis - Not for the Average Skier

Everyone wants more speed on the slopes. Many ski manufacturers design and produce skis for just that. These racing skis can come at a high premium. And I am not just talking about money. For many skiers, racing skis can result in wipeout after wipeout. It is kind of hard to get the speed you want when you are crashing and burning every thirty seconds or so.

Racing skis are made specifically for aerodynamic, powder slicing capabilities. The innovations in design and aerodynamics are not something that an average Joe skier can just take immediate advantage of. It takes much practice and advanced ability to master racing skis. It is because of their thinner design that most non-trained skiers will find these extremely difficult to even get going on.

Balance and control can be very difficult for people used to fat skis or freestyle skis. If you want to try out racing skis but are not sure if you are advanced enough to make it worth the time, find a ski instructor who will help you. Racing skis are not so hard that you cannot get the hang of them eventually. Just be sure you get the right training to account for the many falls that may arise.

How do I pick the right skis for me?

A Variety of Skis

When you go to your ski shop, you will find a range of skis to consider - skis with tapered tails for intermediates, twin-tipped skis for freestyle skiers, beefy skis with the latest technology for all-mountain masters, and the list does not end anywhere near there. Choosing the right ski will help you enjoy skiing. Walk into your ski shop with an understanding of your ability – where and how you ski. Walk out with a great pair of skis.

How do I pick the right skis for me?


Short skis often go by another name, “Blades”, because one brand carries that moniker. Skiers enjoy plenty of maneuverability with short skis. These mini-planks are best suited to groomed terrain.

What are the benefits of Head skis?

Versatility on the Slopes with Head Skis

When you are on the slopes, it is important to have skis ready to take on any ski condition. Head skis have been around for a long time, and they are made to handle the largest variety of terrain. Choosing Head skis means choosing from the largest variety of skis for your skiing tastes. Head skis are specially designed to provide a smooth skiing experience. Many find that the performance Head Skis provide on the slopes unbeatable.

Their construction is state of the art and they use only the best of materials in their production. No matter your tastes, Head skis can give you a good ride. When choosing a ski to take you from powder snow to the iciest of conditions, chose Head and you will have chosen wisely.

Should I try fat skis for freestyle skiing?

Fat Skis for Freestyle Skiers

Freestyle skiing is growing more popular with ever XGames telecast on ESPN. Freestyle skiers have the uncanny ability to do tricks at random and always look like it was part of the plan. For people who want to try out freestyle skiing for themselves, they should give it a try with fat skis instead of their regular, straight skis.

Fat skis are just like they sound – wider and fatter than a typical ski. The advantage of the wider ski for freestyle skiing is that it provides you with far more stability and control for those freestyle tricks. Fat skis are typically shorter as well as wider than a regular ski. The shorter ski allows for more agile movements, even flips, which would be simply impossible with a standard ski.

Between the shortness and the width, fat skis are the solution for freestyle skiers. If you are interested in freestyle skiing with fat skis, first, ask a retailer or ski instructor about fat skis. Test out a pair for yourself to see the better control that you will feel. Fat skis are available at most ski shops and are no more expensive than any other pair of skis. Test different manufacturers to find the right fat skis for you and you will be freestyling in no time.

Should I rent skis or should I buy them?

Ski Snow Bum Or Just A Beginner: Know When To Buy Skis and When To Rent Them

When the white powdery stuff begins to fall from the winter skies, this is when a flurry of activity occurs along the snow-capped mountaintops. Skiers hit the slopes to ride down powdery trails. From experienced skiing veterans to people strapping on skis for the first time, they grab the equipment they need to enjoy this great sport.

Skiers of all experience levels have options on whether they should rent skis from the local resort or shops nearby, or buy their own skis. Take the following circumstances into consideration and reap in the savings.

Are You A Beginner Skier? Definitely Rent.

At this point in time, you are just learning the basics. You don't know if you'll enjoy skiing past that first day or week or month from now. Rent skies as you move on from the beginning stage into the intermediate stage as you figure out whether you'll become a diehard fan.

Are You An Intermediate Skier? Rent unless you hit the slopes more than two weeks out of the year.

At this stage you still don't really need to buy skies especially if you aren't hitting the slopes often. But if you are buying season passes, taking more advanced lessons, and plan on going on local skiing vacations, then you should consider buying skies.

Are You An Expert Skier? Buy Skis

You are an expert who knows what you are doing every time you are hitting the slopes. If you stand in line from the first day the resort opens until the sun sinks below the horizon on the last day of ski season, you should buy skis. But you might consider renting if traveling to different resorts. This can save money on extra airfare costs.


Veterans Choose Ski Equipment

Seasoned skiers may find that purchasing their own ski set saves them tons of money. Skiers also discover that it is easier to execute the sport once getting acquainted with how they maneuver. Skiers can also select customized skis for optimal comfort. However, there are several daunting questions which arise in the minds of most novice skiers while ski shopping. For instance, a potential customer asks, "What are the basic ski types, features, and parts needed as a full-round investment?" One might also ask, "Are there any local ski shops in my area of residence?" It is easy to gain assistance at any of the local ski shops once the skier determines the objective.

Most veteran skiers have an understanding of their skiing discipline. The majority of the skiing enthusiasts are Alpine skiers who utilize more well-rounded gear for their Downhill skiing needs. Nevertheless, it is necessary to determine the objective before ski shopping to save any avoidable trouble. Amateur skiers must consider their skill levels before making a final decision, because synchronizing the skis will enable full control over their learning abilities. Ski shopping should also consist of analyzing the terrain to better narrow down the various subtypes of skis. Believe it or not, it is also wise to find specific skis per gender.


What To Do In Order To Select The Best Ski Equipment

Skiers look forward to the winter months, in an effort to trek and hoist on ski lifts upwards to their destination. Avid ski enthusiasts likely have their own gear; however, the occasional vacationer will need to rent ski equipment. First-time skiers can consult the resort for the best ski equipment. However, there are a few steps to follow before one decides to rent ski equipment.

For starters, scoping for powder slopes will help determine the type, and size of ski equipment needed for other portions of the mountainous terrain. Secondly, one should follow-up with the weather forecast to see if heavier snowfall is in effect. This further assist in narrowing down the best ski equipment. The more experienced skiers will make an informed decision in choosing newer model equipment, or to kill the remaining tread wear on their older models. If travel arrangements prohibit certain carry-ons, then secondary plans to rent ski equipment might need to be executed. It is also wise to plan ahead of time for in-door activities, in case snow storms intervene, and ultimately ruin one's stay if unprepared.

Does Rossignol make snowboards?

Rossignol - Now, More than Just Skis

Rossignol is one of the original, major manufacturers of skis to hit the mass market. They have been pioneering in the ski industry having introduced whole new lines of products that influence the world. Today, Rossignol is more than just a ski manufacturer. Their lines of accessories aside, Rossignol is now a major player in the snowboard market as well.

Snowboarding has been growing for over a decade now and the demand for snowboards and accessories has grown with it. Rossignol has answered this call with their line of snowboards, boots, and other accessories. As with their skis, Rossignol is revolutionizing the snowboard industry with their innovative designs and rarely matched quality. Now, if you are looking for either skiing or snowboarding gear, you can look to Rossignol for the best on the market.

How do I pick the right skis for me?

Shapely Planks

Skiing is a much easier sport to learn today than it was even a decade ago. The shaped ski revolution made that happen. Shaped, or “cut”, skis have a deep, hourglass shaped, sidecut that keeps skiers turning. As soon as you know how to roll a ski onto its edge to make a turn, you can take off with shaped skis.

How do I learn about ski manufacturers?


Think of K2 perhaps, as America's ski company. Based in a factory on Washington's not-exactly-easy-to-access Vashon Island, K2 is home to some imaginative ski technology. If you demo a pair of K2s, you will likely soon realize why many skiers are loyal K2 skiers.

How do I learn about ski manufacturers?


Fully integrated – those words describe Atomic. The company develops boots, bindings, and skis as systems. If you can spring for all three at the same time, review Atomic's website and seek out the ski system that fits your ability and desire.

Who is on the Armada skiing team of skiers?

The Armada Skiing Team

Most big name ski manufacturers have a whole roster of professional and amateur skiers that endorse their gear. Few manufacturers have the roster to compete with Armada Skiing. The Armada Skiing team is made up of top pros and up and coming amateurs whose names you will now soon. Here is a quick breakdown of the Armada Skiing Team.

First is Tanner Hall. Hall has his own line of Armada skis that you can buy. This is one of the best selling models that Armada skiing has on the market. JP Auclair is the next team member and his style is known by those who know.

Anthony B, Boyd Easley, and JF Cusson round out this team of young and ground breaking skiers. With this team on the roster, Armada Skiing has a bright future ahead. Keep your eye out for Armada skiing gear at a retailer near you. Their skis are made like none other and can only be believed after you've tried them.

Where can I find Armada skis?

Finding a Dealer of Armada Skis

There are many name brand skis on the market today and everyone has their favorite. Armada skis are a popular brand these days because of their great ride combined with awesome art that you just won't find on other ski manufacturer's products. If you want to find a place to buy Armada skis, it is easy to get just what you are looking for. Armada skis are available at retailers all around the globe.

Depending on where you live, you may be closer to one than you think. The first step you should take is to visit Armada's website. They have a ‘dealer locator' feature that can help you find the closest authorized Armada ski dealers to your area. This feature is great for those of us who aren't close enough to the slopes all year round. If Armada skis are your preferred bran, check out their website to find places to get their gear.

Does Rossignol make skis for children?

Rossignol Skis for Juniors

For parents wanting to get their kids into skiing and to provide them with the highest quality skis, Rossignol skis for Juniors are a great option. Rossignol skis have been used for decades by adults ranging from professional to amateur all over the world. Knowing that most of these adult skiers begin as younger skiers, Rossignol has introduced lines of skis specifically designed for young skiers.

If you want your kids to hit the slopes while they are young, you should know that Rossignol skis for juniors are not just a shorter ski. These skis are designed for the varied height, weight, and other factors that are found in younger skiers. Just like adult Rossignol skis, junior skis can be found in many variations depending on the preferences of the skier. Bring your child to a ski shop and have them sized and fitted for comfort. You will find that Rossignol skis for juniors are a great product at a reasonable price.

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