Make the Move from Straight to Shaped Skis

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Should I switch from straight skis to shaped skis?

Make the Move from Straight to Shaped Skis

When skiing first became a largely popular pastime for the public, skis were made in a mostly ‘one-size-fits-all' manner. Straight skis were used for everything from cross country to speed skiing. Today, many skiers are making the shift to shape skis. Shape skis now give skiers choices for the type of ride they would like based on their preferred terrain. Many manufacturers make shape skis for men, women, and kids.

The advantages of shape skis are easily felt by any rider who tries them out. The biggest change that most will notice is in the far easier ability to turn and steer yourself on these shape skis. Straight skis required heavy pressure from the rider to make sharp turns if you needed to avoid something in the way. With shape skis, riders can make that move far quicker and avoid the possible trouble up ahead.

If you want a friendlier ride on your next ski outing, look into trading in your straight skis for a pair of shaped skis. Talk with a ski manufacturer about your preferred skiing terrain and they will give you the best shapes for your taste. Use shape skis on your next trip and you will never go back to straight again.



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