Parabolic Skis - A Beginner's Dream Come True

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Are parabolic skis a good way to learn how to ski?

Parabolic Skis - A Beginner's Dream Come True

Technology has allowed many things in our society to shave down their learning curve. From computers to flight simulators, many things are far easier to master these days. Skiing has traditionally had a fairly steep learning curve. However, since parabolic skis came around, beginning skiers have had the ability to take advantage of technology to advance their education. With the advent of snowboarding, ski manufacturers took notice of the easier learning curve.

Sharing in the technology of the snowboard, parabolic skis were developed with a shape that makes a ski resemble a snowboard. With fatter ends and a narrower middle, a beginning skier can get a much better feel for the balance that is necessary to stay on their feet with parabolic skis. Skinnier, traditional skis were very hard to learn on for most. With parabolic skis, this training can be much easier.

If you have a beginning skier that is having trouble getting the hang of skinny, straight skis, check into getting a pair of parabolic skis. You may find that your beginner is advancing faster than you ever would have thought with straight skis.



10/25/2007 8:16:26 AM
Anna McDaniel said:

My husband had double hip replacement and thought his skiing days were over! We were advised by a ski rental shop to give the parabolic 120cm skiis a try! We did - skiing is great again and my husband found new confidence in his ability to ski with two metal hips! Thanks to whomever developed this style of ski! Also - the 120cm ski allowed us to go slow OR fast - which ever we decided! What fun!

1/14/2012 5:38:25 PM
Marlene said:

This is an awesome tip! If you're a beginner GO PARABOLIC! If you haven't been up on your skis in 15 yrs like myself, GO PARABOLIC! If you're not a competitor or an advanced skier and just want a nice day out on the slopes GO PARABOLIC! You'll have more control,a better time,and you'll want to get out there again and again.


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