The Importance of Flex when Buying Skis

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What role does flex play in skis?

The Importance of Flex when Buying Skis

Not all skis are made the same. This is not an attempt at poetry, this is a fact. Skis are made for very different styles of skiing and for very different types of skiers. Manufacturers of skis can make people skis that match exactly their tastes for exactly their favorite type of skiing.

One of the biggest factors in getting you the most comfortable skis for your skiing preferences is choosing the right flex. Flex is the factor that will affect a skiers float, turning, and overall stability.

  • Do you ski on fresh powder or hardpack?
  • Do you prefer cross country or downhill?
  • Bunny slopes or major moguls?

Stiffer skis will be better for speed on hardpack downhill type skiing while more flexible skis will be better for mobility on broken powder or bumpy rides. If you want to get the best skis for your skiing habits, check out the many manufacturers of skis and let them know what type of skiing you prefer. They will be able to match you with the best options.



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