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Where is a good place to ski in New York?

Gore Mountain Ski Resort in New York

Gore Mountain is one of the few ski resorts owned by New York State. It is in the Adirondacks and has a vertical elevation of 2,537 vertical feet. Gore is divided into two sections: an upper half and a lower half. The upper mountain has many black diamonds and a couple double-black-diamond trails. Of these, Rumor is the most challenging, but Lies is also a difficult trail. On the lower mountain, there are many longer, easier runs. These include green circles and more challenging blue squares, which are often used for high-school and college races. There are also several terrain parks and a glade on the lower part of the mountain. In addition to several chair lifts, Gore has a Gondola that goes to its peak.

Should I rent skis or should I buy them?

Ski Snow Bum Or Just A Beginner: Know When To Buy Skis and When To Rent Them

When the white powdery stuff begins to fall from the winter skies, this is when a flurry of activity occurs along the snow-capped mountaintops. Skiers hit the slopes to ride down powdery trails. From experienced skiing veterans to people strapping on skis for the first time, they grab the equipment they need to enjoy this great sport.

Skiers of all experience levels have options on whether they should rent skis from the local resort or shops nearby, or buy their own skis. Take the following circumstances into consideration and reap in the savings.

Are You A Beginner Skier? Definitely Rent.

At this point in time, you are just learning the basics. You don't know if you'll enjoy skiing past that first day or week or month from now. Rent skies as you move on from the beginning stage into the intermediate stage as you figure out whether you'll become a diehard fan.

Are You An Intermediate Skier? Rent unless you hit the slopes more than two weeks out of the year.

At this stage you still don't really need to buy skies especially if you aren't hitting the slopes often. But if you are buying season passes, taking more advanced lessons, and plan on going on local skiing vacations, then you should consider buying skies.

Are You An Expert Skier? Buy Skis

You are an expert who knows what you are doing every time you are hitting the slopes. If you stand in line from the first day the resort opens until the sun sinks below the horizon on the last day of ski season, you should buy skis. But you might consider renting if traveling to different resorts. This can save money on extra airfare costs.


Kids ski helmets

If you are thinking about taking your family skiing this winter and you have children, remember the importance of kids ski helmets. Ski helmets are one of the most important pieces of equipment needed for a skiing trip, they can help keep a fun vacation from turning tragic. Even if your child is on the beginner slopes and skis super slow, a helmet is a must. It is important when shopping for the helmet that you get a ski helmet, not a bike helmet or any other sporting helmet. When choosing the helmet, go to a shop that can help you with sizing,they will know how it should fit and show you how to properly wear the helmet.You want to get one that fits just right and does not disrupt your child's vision or make it hard for him to hear what is going on around him. They helmet should be comfortable, lightweight and warm. The helmets come in many colors and styles so your child is sure to find something that will be cool enough for them to wear without complaining, or at least without too much complaining. Kids ski helmets will give you piece of mind so you can relax and enjoy the trip along with the kids.


How to Ski Safely

Skiing can be a great outdoor exercise, hobby or competitive sport but comes with a certain amount of risk. In order to keep your ski trip safe and injury free follow these tips!

One of the most important aspects of how to ski safely is to wear a ski helmet. A ski helmet is NOT just for beginners. They are for everyone. No one ever expects to have a ski accident, anymore than a car accident, but accidents happen and a ski helmet is your best protection.

It is very important to use proper fitting equipment. If you do not own your own equipment and need to rent it, use a professional ski shop or the resort shop. It is very important for ski safety to have boots that fit and bindings that are properly adjusted.

Use the buddy system, especially if you are a beginner. It is always safer to ski with a friend who can watch out for you and you can watch out for your friend.

Do not over estimate your level of expertise. Trails are clearly marked as to what level of skier should attempt them. Be sure to stay on the trails your level can handle. If you try a trail that turns out to be too rough- stop, take your skis off and walk the rest of the way down.

Use these helpful tips to have fun and ski safely!


Avalanche Safety Tip, Carrying an Avalanche Shovel

Anyone enjoying winter sports in mountainous, backcountry terrain is subject to life threatening avalanche occurrences, whether skiers, snowboarders, hikers, or snowmobilers, all are susceptible. With the burgeoning popularity of winter sports, the number of avalanche deaths has increased in the past twenty years, with more than 150 lives lost worldwide annually. Awareness and knowledge of basic avalanche safety are vital to survival should the unthinkable happen.

Along with alert awareness of the potential danger of avalanches, all backcountry sports enthusiasts should invest in quality tools that make rescue work efficient and productive. Once an avalanche occurs, the snow is no longer powdered and light. Avalanches create tremendous friction and making the settled snow compacted and as hard as a rock. Lightweight plastic avalanche shovels, though less expensive and easy to carry, may be worthless when put to the test against tough, in-the-field avalanche conditions when every second counts.

Professional backcountry guides, skiers, and snowmobilers recommend metal shovels. Although heavier than plastic, aluminum alloy avalanche shovels weigh in at two pounds and under. There are unique folding designs and hybrids made of plastic with metal edges for cutting ability in hardened snow. Some shovels even come in a combo design along with a full size probe.

Why risk your or your companions’ lives by not knowing avalanche safety and not carrying the proper tools?


Three Factors for Getting The Right Ski Poles

The key to getting the right ski poles is to take your time and try out the options available to you. Purchasing ski poles is not a task you can take out quickly but one that should take some time for the sake of your safety and comfort.

For beginning skiers, the length of the ski poles is the biggest factor in decision-making. If you hold the ski poles upside down with your hand just under the basket, or small circular piece attached to the bottom of the pole, your elbow should be at a right angle. If it is not, then the ski poles are you holding are not the right length for you.

The way ski poles feel in your hand is an important matter to you. While skiing, you will want to be aware of other facets of the experience and ignore how the poles feel in your hand. An uncomfortable grip can be really bothersome on the slopes. Hold your ski poles with your gloves on to make sure the feel is right.

The weight of ski poles also is important, and you will need to make sure you are comfortable with the weight of the poles you are considering. Heavy poles tend to be sturdier but can be harder to maneuver.
Getting the right ski poles can enhance your skiing experience!

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