Need for Speed? Stick to Straight Skis

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Are straight skis better for speed skiing?

Need for Speed? Stick to Straight Skis

Different skiers have different traits. For those that prefer speed with their skiing, choosing the right type of ski can make a big difference in their capabilities for fast rides. To get the most speed out of your next run, stick with straight skis for their aerodynamic design and ability to slice through the powder.

When compared to shaped skis, straight skis hold the speed advantage because they can, literally, cut right through the snow. Whether soft powder or dense hardpack, for the advanced skier, straight skis will provide the smoothest, fastest ride available. Don't let yourself be slowed down by the fatter skis that will grab too much of the ground to really get going. The less friction, the better.

With skinny, straight skis, you will have little friction to keep your speed down. If you want the speed on the slopes, stick with straight skis. Ask a ski instructor for other tips to getting the most speed out of your next trip down the slopes.



7/20/2006 6:34:29 PM
Dave Shaby said:

Great Tip! I agree wholeheartedly, but where can you find straight skis nowadays? All the manufacturers are making shaped skis!


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