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What Should I Wear Under my Ski Clothes?

The Ski Clothes No One Sees

Perhaps the most important thing a skier puts on before heading to the mountain is the ski clothes no one sees. Long johns and comfortable socks can be a skiers best friend. If your ski experience is itchy or cold, what is intended to be an enjoyable day on the slopes will soon turn into a miserable day in the crowded and dirty ski resort bathrooms, fixing your undergarments.

Long Johns can be purchased wherever ski clothes are sold. A long john tip: silk long underwear is considered highly effective and thin and comfortable (Really worth the money!).

Quality long johns will last season after season. Ski socks may seem like overkill, but just ask any experienced skier, and they will tell you that “cold feet” under your boots will lead to having “cold feet” when it comes to agreeing to take a long trek down the mountain. These ski clothes may never be seen by the outside world, but they are perhaps the most important thing a skier can put on.

What type of fleece is best for cross-country skiing?

The Insulating Layer of Ski Clothing

The insulation layer is the clothing that is put on over your long underwear. This second layer of clothing helps you retain body heat. It accomplishes this task by creating a layer of still or dead air around your body. Most clothing used for insulation is composed of polyesters that are treated with a process that makes the fibers stand up and trap air between the fibers. Then, the trapped air creates the protective layer of still air that insulates your body from the cold.

Fleece is the most popular fabric used for insulation. It is composed predominantly of polyesters, which are passed through a "napping" machine. This machine creates a fabric that is characterized by a tight solid weave on one side and a fluffy air-retaining surface on the other. There are a few different types of fleece that can be used for insulation. The original fleece, Malden Mills fleece fabrics are marketed under the trademark names Malden Mills ®, Polarfleece ®, and Polartec ®.

Fleece types are categorized by weight. Microfleece is lightweight. It is a suitable insulation layer for cross-country skiing and alpine spring skiing. Medium weight fleece, such as the Polartec TM 200 Series, is popular for skiers because it provides maximum warmth and minimum bulk. However, for very cold days, you might want to consider the warmer Polartec 300 Series. Many skiers choose two insulating layers, such as a turtleneck and a pullover.

Why is ski clothing so important?

Ski Clothing vs. Outdoor Apparel

Many beginner skiers are worried about the overwhelming expense associated with beginning this new hobby. As a college student, getting friends to be willing to fork over enough dough to buy airline tickets, lift tickets, ski rentals…the list goes on and on. Its no wonder that beginner skiers hope to save some money by not buing the appropriate ski clothing.

But the truth is, all the money spent on the slopes will be a wash if a skier does not invest in the appropriate ski clothing. A skier will be cold, uncomfortable and will have difficulty moving down the mountain if they are not wearing the appropriate ski clothes. Ski clothing can be pricy, but it is an investment it your skiing success if you take the time (and money) to look into the choices in ski clothing and buy the best for your body and budget.

What factors are important in choosing ski gloves?

Choosing the Right Ski Gloves for You

Comfort on the slopes is essential to an enjoyable skiing excursion. Ski gloves are an important part of a skiers comfort level. When choosing ski gloves, take your comfort seriously by choosing the right glove for you. Here are a few things to be sure to get when you buy ski gloves.

  • A Good Fit – Holding your ski poles can get pretty difficult when you are tackling a tough course or rugged terrain. Ensure that you have a good fit from your ski gloves and that they allow you the best sensation of touch from your hands.
  • Warmth – Hands can get pretty chilly when racing down the slopes, so make sure that you keep your hands warm with your ski gloves. Different gloves have different methods of insulation so try many different types until you find the best match for you.
  • Second Skin – The ideal ski gloves will give a skier a sensation of having a second skin. This means that when you grip anything from your poles to a warm cup of coffee, you feel as if you have no gloves at all.

Because of advances in thermal insulation, you can find ski gloves that give you the warmth you need without being so bulky as to make actually using your hands difficult. Choosing the right ski gloves is important to any skier who wants optimal comfort on the slopes. Shop wisely for your ski gloves and you will get the most out of your lift time.

Is there really a Difference between Men’s and Women’s Ski Apparel?

The Difference between Men's and Women's Ski apparel

Ski apparel is one thing spouses certainly shouldn't share! Not only would you have difficulty going skiing together, but Women's Ski Apparel is made specifically for a women's body. Since ski apparel is such a huge part of the skiing experience, women's ski apparel is not only fashionable, but built to make the skiing experience a comfortable “ride down the mountain.”

Women's ski apparel, espcially ski jackets leave more room in the chest, less in the crotch, and fits a women's waist to hip ratio. Unlike men's apparel, women's ski apparel is designed with a woman in mind. There are so many styles and colors available! Women should enjoy the selection and, ultimately, the comfort of their very own ski apparel.

Can I get mittens that have individual finger sleeves as well?

Gloves with Mittens - A Great Solution for the Slopes

For skiers looking for the freedom that gloves provide combined with the warmth that comes with a good pair of mittens, there is a solution. You do not need to carry around a separate set of mittens and gloves anymore. Some of the largest manufacturers of ski gloves are now introducing models of high performance gloves that include an attached set of mittens.

Mittens provide your whole hand with warmth, but do not allow the freedom of your individual digits. With combination gloves and mittens you can get the best of both worlds without taking up valuable real estate in your ski bag. Look for these combination gloves and mittens at any ski retailer. You can find a huge selection online if you look in the right places. Look for other great tips about ski gloves and mittens here at LifeTips and from our sponsors.

What makes ski racing gloves different from regular ski glvoes?

Features of Ski Racing Gloves

Not all ski gloves are made the same. Just as there are skis and poles made for different styles of skiing, there are gloves made for different styles as well. Ski racing gloves are a variation of ski gloves that are very different than standard ski gloves. The needs of a skier who races are far from the needs of an everyday joy-rider.

To fill these needs, manufacturers have developed ski racing gloves that fit these needs… well… like a glove. Because of the need for an aerodynamic ride, ski racing gloves are not nearly as bulky as standard ski gloves. The materials that ski racing gloves are made of are highly advanced insulation agents that need only a few millimeters to keep a skier's hands warm. Racing at high speeds can cause wind chill on hands to increase greatly.

These advanced forms of insulation can withstand the fastest of races and the coldest of winds. Ski racing gloves are also far thinner than standard racing gloves because of the reduced weight that comes with them. Aerodynamics is one way to get faster, but shedding extra weight is the best way. To make lighter gloves, manufacturers have taken synthetic fabrics to a new level of comfort and fit. Ski racing gloves are getting thinner and lighter all the time and the more they get of both, the faster you will be able to go.

Can Your Ski Apparel be Used Season after Season?

Timeless Ski Apparel Fashions

There are really two things I consider when purchasing ski apparel. The first is whether it will keep me warm and safe during the coldest and most extreme skiing conditions. The more durable and weather resistant the fabric, the more likely your ski apparel will give you many years of comfortable skiing.

The second thing I consider is whether the style of my prospective ski apparel is whether the apparel is timeless. I only ski a few times a season, and I want to know that I will feel confident pulling out my ski pants and jacket season after season and knowing that I will be able to look stylish and fashionable. This usually means primary or basic colors and no flashy detailing. It also means buying what looks good on me, not what the fashion magazine say is the hottest ski apparel at the moment.

As long as you consider these two criteria, you should have no problem wearing your ski apparel year after year.

What snowboarding accessories does Bakoda make?

Skiing and Snowboard Accessories by Bakoda

There are many manufacturers of snowboarding accessories on the market and each offer varying ranges of products. Bakoda is one of the largest of these manufacturers and they are big for a reason. Bakoda is knows for great quality in all of their snowboarding accessories. Here are a few of the snowboarding accessories that Bakoda has put out there for you.

  • The Retracting Cable Lock – If security on the slopes is a concern for you, than the Bakoda retractable cable lock is a great solution. This lock was specifically designed for cold weather and its cable can safely hold up to three boards. Because the cable is retracting, this powerful lock is small enough to fit in any nook in your pack.
  • Bakoda Superfeet Boot Inserts – Most boots are not the softest of the feet. Bakoda has developed the Superfeet boot insert to help give you a better ride.

The unique combination of shape and material gives you comfort beyond any standard boot. For the full range of accessories available from Bakoda, check out the many retailers that carry their lines of products. You can also get all the info you need from their website where they have their whole product catalogue on display.

When are mittens better than gloves?

Mittens – The Secret to Warmth in the Cold

There is no doubt that mittens on average are warmer than gloves. They allow four fingers to use each other for warmth on the coldest days. Children who do not rely on poles for skiing will find mittens most comfortable to maintain warmth on cold days, as will snowboarders and other skiers who are forgoing poles.

Mittens can be made of the same materials as gloves, hover, due to their unique shape, they allow more warmth to be maintained on even the coldest days. Mittens may even be often part of the wardrobe of professional skiers, who may have no problem gripping a pole with their hands enclosed by the mitten shape.

What kinds of ski gloves are available?

Options Abound when Purchasing Ski Gloves

These days, it seems that there are more styles of ski gloves than people to wear them! Especially with internet providers, a skier can purchase almost any kind of ski glove he or she wants, in a size and color that fits their personality. Good ski gloves move and stretch with your hands and most find them very comfortable. Once you find a reputable dealer, have fun experimenting with styles and colors. Ski gloves can take you from season to season, yet are inexpensive enough to replace each year.

Why do I need ski gloves?

Your Regular gloves are not the same as Ski Gloves!

Ski gloves provide your hands with warmth and dryness unlike your normal pair of winter gloves. They also allow for more dexterity so that you can wrap your hands securely around your ski poles. While your regular gloves may feel very similar, specially designed ski gloves will help you stay warm and dry on the slopes.

Ski gloves are made with a special insulate material to help keep the cold moisture away from your fingertips. Your fingers go numb very easily in the cold and specialized ski gloves can help avoid this. Once you are at the top of the mountain, you will thank yourself for purchasing ski gloves for your memorable trip!

Should a novice skier buy gloves or mittens?

The Gloves verse Mittens Debate

There will always be factions on either side of the ski glove vs. ski mitten debate and warmth is not the only battle ground. For instance, dexterity when skiing can be just as important a factor as warmth. No matter how warm your fingers may be, if you are learning to use poles for the first time, mittens will only make the process more difficult.

A novice skier needs flexibility in almost every body part in order to be successful on the slopes. By wearing gloves instead of mittens, a newer skier will be able to grip the pole and adjust his or her hand to the poles movement down the mountain. And a god grip on the poles can be the difference between going feet first as opposed to head first down the mountain!

How many different types of ski gloves does Dakine make?

Dakine Ski Gloves - A Selection Like None Other

If you are in the market for ski gloves or mittens and want the largest selection, there is only one manufacturer that stands out. Dakine is a leader in all sorts of skiing accessories, but when it comes to gloves, they have more models than anyone else on the market. In total, Dakine has hundreds of variations of ski gloves and mittens. Each is designed for different styles of skiing and comfort tastes.

Dakine ski gloves are available for men, women, boys, and girls. Their sizing can fit any skier. They have different series of gloves for each type of skier and each is made with the highest standards of quality. Check out the Dakine website to see for yourself how many different types of ski gloves they offer. Their gloves are available from any number of retailers, so once you find the style you like, you can find them with ease. Be sure to shop for Dakine gloves online as there are major discounts to be found.


Ski Clothing for Functionality

When you are looking at purchasing skiing clothing, choosing something appropriate can either make your ski trip enjoyable or the worst trip that you've ever had. Functionality is important when you are looking in the ski shop, but you also want to make sure that the clothes that you choose are going to be warm. Being surrounded by feet of snow can make for a chilly day if you are not properly clothed.

Make sure that the ski clothing that you choose fit well because ill fitting clothing can hinder your performance on the slopes and make it difficult to move around. This might be okay if you do not need the use of your arms for more than balance while on the slopes, but if you need to be able to move, having a warm ski jacket and gloves that fit properly are going to be important when you get out there, no matter how brightly the sun is shining. Being in the mountains, the temperature is going to be colder than when you were at home, and the snow is going to make it even more cold. As you are starting your downward decent, wind chapped skin is a possibility if you are not properly covered. Make sure that your skin is well protected with warm skiing clothing as well as sunblock.

What are Snow Skins?

Technical Performance Apparel

As ski and boot technology becomes more complex and sophisticated, ski apparel manufacturers have begun to apply science and technology to ski clothing. Perhaps the most interesting outcome of this research has been the development of performance ski underwear. While this sounds rather humorous, there are many skiers that swear by the effectiveness of products such as Sport Skins and CW-X.

Sport Skins were the original invention. Developed in Australia, this product works on a principle of BioAcceleration Technology, which involves compression that is applied over specific body parts. This compression triggers an accelerated blood flow, which in turn increases oxygen delivery to working muscles, thereby enhancing their performance.

These improvements in circulation also aid in the elimination of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes. According to the Sport Skins website, testing of elite athletes have proven that this technology "creates marked improvements in reducing the build-up of lactic acid immediately after periods of sustained exercise."

These body-molded compression tights are manufactured from Lycra and Meryl Microfibre. They are engineered to provide support and muscle alignment to the covered area of your body. The company has created a product for snow sports that is appropriately called Snow Skins, which are designed to improve on -slope performance "through greater muscle support and response, enhanced circulation and improved body temperature control."

Snow Skins have been designed to wrap around important muscle groups in order to focus the direction of their movements. The product has moisture wicking properties. It is embedded with an antimicrobial and antibacterial treatment that keeps it smelling fresh.

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