Racing Skis - Not for the Average Skier

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Can anyone use racing skis and get better speed?

Racing Skis - Not for the Average Skier

Everyone wants more speed on the slopes. Many ski manufacturers design and produce skis for just that. These racing skis can come at a high premium. And I am not just talking about money. For many skiers, racing skis can result in wipeout after wipeout. It is kind of hard to get the speed you want when you are crashing and burning every thirty seconds or so.

Racing skis are made specifically for aerodynamic, powder slicing capabilities. The innovations in design and aerodynamics are not something that an average Joe skier can just take immediate advantage of. It takes much practice and advanced ability to master racing skis. It is because of their thinner design that most non-trained skiers will find these extremely difficult to even get going on.

Balance and control can be very difficult for people used to fat skis or freestyle skis. If you want to try out racing skis but are not sure if you are advanced enough to make it worth the time, find a ski instructor who will help you. Racing skis are not so hard that you cannot get the hang of them eventually. Just be sure you get the right training to account for the many falls that may arise.



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