The Armada Skiing Team

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Who is on the Armada skiing team of skiers?

The Armada Skiing Team

Most big name ski manufacturers have a whole roster of professional and amateur skiers that endorse their gear. Few manufacturers have the roster to compete with Armada Skiing. The Armada Skiing team is made up of top pros and up and coming amateurs whose names you will now soon. Here is a quick breakdown of the Armada Skiing Team.

First is Tanner Hall. Hall has his own line of Armada skis that you can buy. This is one of the best selling models that Armada skiing has on the market. JP Auclair is the next team member and his style is known by those who know.

Anthony B, Boyd Easley, and JF Cusson round out this team of young and ground breaking skiers. With this team on the roster, Armada Skiing has a bright future ahead. Keep your eye out for Armada skiing gear at a retailer near you. Their skis are made like none other and can only be believed after you've tried them.



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