Ski Snow Bum Or Just A Beginner: Know When To Buy Skis and When To Rent Them

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Should I rent skis or should I buy them?

Ski Snow Bum Or Just A Beginner: Know When To Buy Skis and When To Rent Them

When the white powdery stuff begins to fall from the winter skies, this is when a flurry of activity occurs along the snow-capped mountaintops. Skiers hit the slopes to ride down powdery trails. From experienced skiing veterans to people strapping on skis for the first time, they grab the equipment they need to enjoy this great sport.

Skiers of all experience levels have options on whether they should rent skis from the local resort or shops nearby, or buy their own skis. Take the following circumstances into consideration and reap in the savings.

Are You A Beginner Skier? Definitely Rent.

At this point in time, you are just learning the basics. You don't know if you'll enjoy skiing past that first day or week or month from now. Rent skies as you move on from the beginning stage into the intermediate stage as you figure out whether you'll become a diehard fan.

Are You An Intermediate Skier? Rent unless you hit the slopes more than two weeks out of the year.

At this stage you still don't really need to buy skies especially if you aren't hitting the slopes often. But if you are buying season passes, taking more advanced lessons, and plan on going on local skiing vacations, then you should consider buying skies.

Are You An Expert Skier? Buy Skis

You are an expert who knows what you are doing every time you are hitting the slopes. If you stand in line from the first day the resort opens until the sun sinks below the horizon on the last day of ski season, you should buy skis. But you might consider renting if traveling to different resorts. This can save money on extra airfare costs.



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