Offseason Skiing Activities Tips

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What can I do in ski country when there's no snow?

Eco Tours

You can get into mountain ecology to learn more about the mountains you ski. One resort offering guests a view into local ecology is Whistler Blackcomb. From rainforests to glaciers, Whistler Blackcomb's eco tours help the skier realize the environment around their favorite sport. There's even a visit to a bear's den!

How do I cross train for skiing?


A new way to attack slopes sans snow comes from the mind and energy of MIT and Stanford alum James Page. Crosskates are part ski boot, part mountain bike, part -- well, no description can fully explain these outdoor toys, so watch the videos at

How do I cross train for skiing?


Inline skating can meet most skiers' cross training needs. Add inline skates to a parking lot with a slight incline for a great place to repeat slalom turns. Moderately steep hills (and an experienced skater) are great for hop turn practice. Or blaze down your local “rail-trail” to give your body and its most important muscle (the brain) a workout. For more on inline skating, try Skate FAQs.

How do I cross train for skiing?

Trail Running

When is running so much more fun than plain old running? When it's trail running! Perhaps, think of trail running as very fast hiking. Quickly negotiating mountain trails on foot sharpens the skier's mental processing ability. And trail running gives you an excuse to get to the mountains. (Like you needed one!) Learn more about trail running from Trail Runner Magazine.

How do I cross train for skiing?


Whether on the road or down a mountainside, riding a bicycle can do many positive things for your mind and body, including the parts you use skiing. But you need the right gear and approach. Bike Magazine, and's mountain biking department, can help you there.

What can I do in ski country when there's no snow?


Skiers, like hikers, enjoy their outdoor sports on varied levels. Hiking trails come in a range of difficulties, not unlike skiing trails. When you hike in the mountains regularly, your body may be better prepared for the lower air pressure that slows some skiers. You can probably find great guides on how and where to hike at your favorite bookstore or library.

How do I cross train for skiing?


If your first ski day each new season delivers pain all over your body (even your brain) ponder a while on atrophy. The muscles used in skiing need attention the rest of the year. Seek sports that challenge you mentally and physically in skiing's off season, so you can enjoy skiing's on season with aplomb.

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