Fat Skis for Freestyle Skiers

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Should I try fat skis for freestyle skiing?

Fat Skis for Freestyle Skiers

Freestyle skiing is growing more popular with ever XGames telecast on ESPN. Freestyle skiers have the uncanny ability to do tricks at random and always look like it was part of the plan. For people who want to try out freestyle skiing for themselves, they should give it a try with fat skis instead of their regular, straight skis.

Fat skis are just like they sound – wider and fatter than a typical ski. The advantage of the wider ski for freestyle skiing is that it provides you with far more stability and control for those freestyle tricks. Fat skis are typically shorter as well as wider than a regular ski. The shorter ski allows for more agile movements, even flips, which would be simply impossible with a standard ski.

Between the shortness and the width, fat skis are the solution for freestyle skiers. If you are interested in freestyle skiing with fat skis, first, ask a retailer or ski instructor about fat skis. Test out a pair for yourself to see the better control that you will feel. Fat skis are available at most ski shops and are no more expensive than any other pair of skis. Test different manufacturers to find the right fat skis for you and you will be freestyling in no time.



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