Rossignol - Now, More than Just Skis

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Does Rossignol make snowboards?

Rossignol - Now, More than Just Skis

Rossignol is one of the original, major manufacturers of skis to hit the mass market. They have been pioneering in the ski industry having introduced whole new lines of products that influence the world. Today, Rossignol is more than just a ski manufacturer. Their lines of accessories aside, Rossignol is now a major player in the snowboard market as well.

Snowboarding has been growing for over a decade now and the demand for snowboards and accessories has grown with it. Rossignol has answered this call with their line of snowboards, boots, and other accessories. As with their skis, Rossignol is revolutionizing the snowboard industry with their innovative designs and rarely matched quality. Now, if you are looking for either skiing or snowboarding gear, you can look to Rossignol for the best on the market.



2/20/2012 5:41:41 PM
Mark C said:

I have owned and own Rossignol skis since I was a kid. My all time favourites !


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