Skiing and Snowboard Accessories by Bakoda

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What snowboarding accessories does Bakoda make?

Skiing and Snowboard Accessories by Bakoda

There are many manufacturers of snowboarding accessories on the market and each offer varying ranges of products. Bakoda is one of the largest of these manufacturers and they are big for a reason. Bakoda is knows for great quality in all of their snowboarding accessories. Here are a few of the snowboarding accessories that Bakoda has put out there for you.

  • The Retracting Cable Lock – If security on the slopes is a concern for you, than the Bakoda retractable cable lock is a great solution. This lock was specifically designed for cold weather and its cable can safely hold up to three boards. Because the cable is retracting, this powerful lock is small enough to fit in any nook in your pack.
  • Bakoda Superfeet Boot Inserts – Most boots are not the softest of the feet. Bakoda has developed the Superfeet boot insert to help give you a better ride.

The unique combination of shape and material gives you comfort beyond any standard boot. For the full range of accessories available from Bakoda, check out the many retailers that carry their lines of products. You can also get all the info you need from their website where they have their whole product catalogue on display.



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