Features of Ski Racing Gloves

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What makes ski racing gloves different from regular ski glvoes?

Features of Ski Racing Gloves

Not all ski gloves are made the same. Just as there are skis and poles made for different styles of skiing, there are gloves made for different styles as well. Ski racing gloves are a variation of ski gloves that are very different than standard ski gloves. The needs of a skier who races are far from the needs of an everyday joy-rider.

To fill these needs, manufacturers have developed ski racing gloves that fit these needs… well… like a glove. Because of the need for an aerodynamic ride, ski racing gloves are not nearly as bulky as standard ski gloves. The materials that ski racing gloves are made of are highly advanced insulation agents that need only a few millimeters to keep a skier's hands warm. Racing at high speeds can cause wind chill on hands to increase greatly.

These advanced forms of insulation can withstand the fastest of races and the coldest of winds. Ski racing gloves are also far thinner than standard racing gloves because of the reduced weight that comes with them. Aerodynamics is one way to get faster, but shedding extra weight is the best way. To make lighter gloves, manufacturers have taken synthetic fabrics to a new level of comfort and fit. Ski racing gloves are getting thinner and lighter all the time and the more they get of both, the faster you will be able to go.



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