Gloves with Mittens - A Great Solution for the Slopes

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Can I get mittens that have individual finger sleeves as well?

Gloves with Mittens - A Great Solution for the Slopes

For skiers looking for the freedom that gloves provide combined with the warmth that comes with a good pair of mittens, there is a solution. You do not need to carry around a separate set of mittens and gloves anymore. Some of the largest manufacturers of ski gloves are now introducing models of high performance gloves that include an attached set of mittens.

Mittens provide your whole hand with warmth, but do not allow the freedom of your individual digits. With combination gloves and mittens you can get the best of both worlds without taking up valuable real estate in your ski bag. Look for these combination gloves and mittens at any ski retailer. You can find a huge selection online if you look in the right places. Look for other great tips about ski gloves and mittens here at LifeTips and from our sponsors.



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