Ski Clothing vs. Outdoor Apparel

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Why is ski clothing so important?

Ski Clothing vs. Outdoor Apparel

Many beginner skiers are worried about the overwhelming expense associated with beginning this new hobby. As a college student, getting friends to be willing to fork over enough dough to buy airline tickets, lift tickets, ski rentals…the list goes on and on. Its no wonder that beginner skiers hope to save some money by not buing the appropriate ski clothing.

But the truth is, all the money spent on the slopes will be a wash if a skier does not invest in the appropriate ski clothing. A skier will be cold, uncomfortable and will have difficulty moving down the mountain if they are not wearing the appropriate ski clothes. Ski clothing can be pricy, but it is an investment it your skiing success if you take the time (and money) to look into the choices in ski clothing and buy the best for your body and budget.



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