Choosing the Right Ski Gloves for You

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What factors are important in choosing ski gloves?

Choosing the Right Ski Gloves for You

Comfort on the slopes is essential to an enjoyable skiing excursion. Ski gloves are an important part of a skiers comfort level. When choosing ski gloves, take your comfort seriously by choosing the right glove for you. Here are a few things to be sure to get when you buy ski gloves.

  • A Good Fit – Holding your ski poles can get pretty difficult when you are tackling a tough course or rugged terrain. Ensure that you have a good fit from your ski gloves and that they allow you the best sensation of touch from your hands.
  • Warmth – Hands can get pretty chilly when racing down the slopes, so make sure that you keep your hands warm with your ski gloves. Different gloves have different methods of insulation so try many different types until you find the best match for you.
  • Second Skin – The ideal ski gloves will give a skier a sensation of having a second skin. This means that when you grip anything from your poles to a warm cup of coffee, you feel as if you have no gloves at all.

Because of advances in thermal insulation, you can find ski gloves that give you the warmth you need without being so bulky as to make actually using your hands difficult. Choosing the right ski gloves is important to any skier who wants optimal comfort on the slopes. Shop wisely for your ski gloves and you will get the most out of your lift time.



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