The Ski Clothes No One Sees

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What Should I Wear Under my Ski Clothes?

The Ski Clothes No One Sees

Perhaps the most important thing a skier puts on before heading to the mountain is the ski clothes no one sees. Long johns and comfortable socks can be a skiers best friend. If your ski experience is itchy or cold, what is intended to be an enjoyable day on the slopes will soon turn into a miserable day in the crowded and dirty ski resort bathrooms, fixing your undergarments.

Long Johns can be purchased wherever ski clothes are sold. A long john tip: silk long underwear is considered highly effective and thin and comfortable (Really worth the money!).

Quality long johns will last season after season. Ski socks may seem like overkill, but just ask any experienced skier, and they will tell you that “cold feet” under your boots will lead to having “cold feet” when it comes to agreeing to take a long trek down the mountain. These ski clothes may never be seen by the outside world, but they are perhaps the most important thing a skier can put on.



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