Learning to ski

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Learning to ski

When you decide to learn to ski , it can be both lots of fun and very frustrating. Don't give up, it will end up a lot more fun once you get used to getting around on skis. When learning to ski, it's important to have a professional ski instructor teach you, you don't want to try to make this a do it yourself thing, or even have a friend teach you. Your friend may be a good skier but he may also have some bad habits that you would do better not to repeat. Learn the right way from the beginning and it will be easier for you, than if you learn something wrong and have to change the habit you already have. Another tip you should pay attention to is, don't try to do more than you're ready for. You may feel ready to tackle a harder mountain, but hold off, until the instructor says you are ready. If they say something is beyond your skill, believe them. It may not look it, but looks can be deceiving. You have plenty of time to be zooming down the mountains, take it slow and make sure you're ready so you don't hurt yourself, or anyone else.



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