Boot Glossary

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What are lifters?

Boot Glossary

The message forum at is the cyber-home of some of the most dedicated skiers, ski instructors and ski boot fitters. Given the forum's reputation as a primary source of ski-related information, some of the boot fitters have put together an informative glossary of some of the most common terms in ski boot terminology. Next time you buy ski boots, you might want to print this page and bring it along.

The Bootboard refers to the platform located inside the boot shell. Your boot liner rests on this platform. If you want to sound sexy, use the Italian term, zeppa.

The Campbell Balancer is used to determine a skier's best fore/aft alignment.

A Durometer is used to measure the hardness of the ski boot's outer shell.

Cant refers to the angle of the boot when observed by standing in front of the skier.

Last refers to the internal shape of your ski boot.

Lifters are pieces of plastic that are inserted at the heel to add height.

The Shell of the ski boot refers to exterior plastic component.

A Tekscan is used to determine the pressure exerted under the boot. This helps the boot fitter determine the skier's appropriate cant alignment.



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