Booster Strap

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How do I know if I need the Booster Strap?

Booster Strap

Have you ever noticed that some skiers have an extra strap at the top of the boot? This strap is known as a booster. The Booster is designed to wrap around your boot cuff and your lower leg. What are its benefits? If you've ever had to take off your gloves in sub-zero weather in order to adjust your ski boot buckles, you would not have to ask that question. Since this adjustment can help your shins get up close and personal with the cuffs of your ski boots, it helps you achieve a powerful ski turn initiation, as well as an impressive amount of rebound. Basically, by creating more of a connection between your legs and your boots, you can gain more dynamic control of your skis.

So how should you determine whether or not you need the Booster strap? If you've had your ski boots for awhile, you might notice some
looseness in the upper cuff. Even if you have not noticed this looseness, you might have wondered why you have these ugly black and blue marks on your shins. These bruises are the result of what is known as “shin bang,” which is often the result of excessive space between your shins and your boot cuff. The Booster Strap fixes this problem.



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