Junior Race Skis

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Please name some manufacturers of junior race skis.

Junior Race Skis

Do you have a future Bode or Picabo on your hands? Once your kid decides that he or she wants to be a ski racer, your choice of ski equipment becomes a serious decision.. You first rule of thumb, or should we say foot, will be to take the advice of your child's ski racing coach. They are the experts. No matter how much you love the cute little graphics of a ski brand, you really want a ski that will help your child win races and ski safely. In fact, while each child is different, most aspiring racers are less concerned with graphics, and more concerned with using the same brand as their racing heroes. That said, it is still best to consider your child's height, weight and skill level when choosing junior racing skis.

Atomic is one of the leaders in the Junior Ski Racing market, and all of their models comply with FIS equipment regulations. Next up is Blizzard's Worldcup GS Magnesium Jr. Giant Slalom Skis, which are designed for expert junior racers that are able to ski steep and difficult slopes.

If your child participates in different types of racing events, take a look at the Dynastar's 2008 team Course Junior Race Skis. Dynastar is a company that is known for its versatile skis, as demonstrated in its popular Exclusive Legend Women's ski. They have applied this versatility to the Team Course, making it suitable for both slalom and giant slalom events. This is due to its wider tip and tail, as well as its smaller turn radius. Of course, your junior ski racer should have sufficient skill in both short radius and long radius turns before choosing this specific ski.



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