Top Manufacturers of Racing Skis

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Name some popular manufacturers of racing skis.

Top Manufacturers of Racing Skis

At the risk of overstating the obvious, anyone who is planning to compete in a ski racing event will need to invest in a good pair of racing skis. If you read the section on FIS (International Ski Federation) ski regulations, you realize that this is not a task that should be taken lightly. As such, don't confuse a ski that is known for its stability at speed for a legitimate racing ski. While some skis might borrow from ski racing technology, they are not true racing skis, and this would not be considered “legal” in any legitimate racing event.

Fortunately, there are a number of ski manufacturers that specialize in racing ski technology. Perhaps the earliest of these companies is the Austrian ski manufacturer called Fischer, which made its debut in the ski racing scene in 1924. It is interesting to note that Fischer Alpine and Nordic athletes have won a combined total of 72 Olympic Gold Medals. For Nordic skiers, Fischer has recently formed an alliance with SWIX wax to form an organization called FSx. The purpose of FSx will be to inspire Nordic ski racing throughout the United States. Other top manufacturers of racing skis include Rossignol, Volkl, Atomic and Dynastar.

All race ski manufacturers make combo skis, which can be used for slalom and giant slalom, these skis are not FIS legal but are a great choice for most high school and "beer league" racers.



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