Twin Tips Skis

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I like to ski the park and the rest of the mountain. Which ski should I buy?

Twin Tips Skis

Once upon a time, skiing only happened at ski areas. In those days, if you were a teenager that liked to play tricks in the park and pipe, you were probably a snowboarder. However, as the New School technique gains popularity, skiing is once again becoming cool. This has taken skiing out of the ski resorts. In urban areas, it's not unusual to see kids in their twin tip skis sliding along any type of rail they can find. Yet tricks like these require a special type of ski: Twin Tips.

So how do you choose the right twin tips? If you spend most of your time in the park and pipe, you will want twin tip skis that have their bindings mounted slightly forward of center. However, if you still like to ski crude, groomers and the rest of the mountain, this forward mountain position might make the tails of your skis a bit “squirrelly.” For park skiing center mount bindings, and for all mountain skiing you mount them back of center.

Certain types of twin tips are also designed for skiers that like to spend time on the rest of the mountain. Some companies make hybrid skis known as “phat twins," which are twin tips designed for play in the powder. All ski brands offer a variety of twin tip skis, so you can stick with your favorite.



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