High Tech Helmets

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I want to take on-mountain photos, but hate carry a camera. Suggestions?

High Tech Helmets

Ski helmet manufacturers have been concocting unique ways to ensure their products are safe yet stylish. While some of these new inventions have proven to be quite useful, others are eligible for first place in the "What Were They Thinking?" contest.

That being said, for reasons unbeknown to mankind (and womankind), many skiers often have an inexplicable attraction to high tech products. If high tech is what will get your significant other to wear a ski helmet, perhaps you need to buy him, or maybe her, such a helmet. Hey, it works for kids too. Cool graphics and silly-looking helmet covers, known as Helmethedz, have inspired even the most reluctant child to show off his or her head gear on the slopes. So let's take a look at what the "tech heads" are doing to our protective headgear.

Burton Helmets: Whether you consider this idea ridiculous or sublime, the Burton RED Tantrum Audex Helmet is, well, interesting. This unique helmet gives you access to both iPod and Bluetooth technology. Need to make a phone call? No need to sift through your pockets with gloved hands, only to drop the darn thing from the chairlift! Hate the resort music? Play your own tunes! There is one caveat, and it's an important one. Playing music on the slopes keeps you from hearing other important sounds, such as the sound of another snow-slider skidding up behind you. You will also miss out on the wonderful sounds of the mountain, such as the birds singing and the wind blowing.

Helmet Cams Although many people enjoy taking photos or videos on the slopes, few enjoy carrying around their expensive video cameras. Fortunately, helmet cams have been designed to provide top quality video footage. A company called Viosport manufactures the most popular helmet cams. These cams were used by Powder magazine, when they conducted their Powder to the People Tour.



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