Dynastar Women's Skis

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What are some of the unique qualities of Dynastar women's skis?

Dynastar Women's Skis

As a French company, it comes as no surprise that Dynastar's line of women's skis are designed to put the “oh, la, la” into the skiing experience. The company's exclusive line is indicative of the manufacturer's unique understanding of the female anatomical differences, that can have a significant impact on ski technique. As a result, they have developed a line of skis that can greatly enhance a woman's experience on the slopes.

Because women tend to carry their weight more in the lower body than their male counterparts, they often find it difficult to stay on top of the ski and keep their weight forward. This makes turn initiation a challenging experience. Ironically, as women become stronger and more athletic, some may compensate for incorrect weight distribution by using a compensation method that is usually associated with men: they muscle their way into the turn. Fortunately, Dynastar introduced a variety of key features that address these issues.

An increased ramp angle is a feature of the Exclusive Series. These skis have a 1.5 degree ramp angle under the binding area to tip the skier's weight forward. This makes it easier for female skiers to stay balanced in their fore and aft alignment. “Fore” alignment refers to the body position when a skier's weight is on the tips of the ski, and “aft” alignment refers to alignment that is closer to the tail. In skiing, weight will shift in both directions. However, good fore/aft balance means that the skier is able to make this shift without exaggerating any position, and without losing dynamic postural alignment in the process.

In addition to the increased ramp angle, the center point on the Exclusive Series has been moved forward to help women initiate turns and stay on top of the ski. To balance the forward movement of the skis center point, the sidecut or waist of the ski has been moved slightly toward the tail. This brings the sidecut and “sweet spot” back and allows easier carving from a women's more natural set back position



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