I Just Made You Say Underwear

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Why can't I use cotton as a base layer?

I Just Made You Say Underwear

When choosing a baselayer or long underwear, keep in mind that wicking ability makes synthetic fabrics a better choice than cotton. While cotton absorbs moisture, synthetics move it to the outside of the fabric, where it magically evaporates. In fact, most long underwear fabrics such as Polypropylene have been treated with special chemicals that improve their wicking abilities. Keep in mind that if your long underwear is too baggy, its wicking abilities will be reduced.

When shopping for long underwear, you will notice that it comes in different weights. Lightweight works for spring skiing or for skiers that tend to sweat profusely. Midweight long underwear is best for most skiers, except for those that are always cold. In that case, you should choose heavyweight long underwear. As far as style goes, for pants, always go with either full or three quarter length. However, for proper boot fit, make sure that you do not tuck your long underwear into your boots! For tops, choose between crew neck and turtleneck. For odor control, some fabrics are treated with a microbial chemical that eliminates the stink factor.

Some of the most popular manufacturers of skiing long underwear include Patagonia,Hot Chilly, Spyder, Under Armour, Nils, North Face and Smartwool.



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