Choosing Ski Bags: Padded or Not?

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I am traveling by air. Should I buy a padded or unpadded ski bag?

Choosing Ski Bags: Padded or Not?

You've spent close to $1,000 on your skis. They have provided you with many wonderful days on the snow. You love these skis so much that you want to take them on vacation. With the right type of ski bag, they will survive the journey.

Your first step in choosing a ski bag is to decide whether you want one that is padded. If you are traveling by car, keep in mind that some padded ski bags will not fit on certain types of car racks. However, you can always pad the bindings and tips with extra clothing, and still have the bag fit on your rack.

If you are traveling by air, padding is essential. This protects your skis if the baggage handler happens to drop them on the pavement. Most double ski bags come with padded divider, which keeps the two pairs of skis from smashing into each other. Even if you do buy a padded ski bag, you might want to add extra padding around the bindings and tips. Many boot bags also come with padding. This is also important for air travel, in that it keeps the buckles of the boot from tearing through the fabric of the bag.

Here's an important tip for air travelers: Airlines are becoming very strict about weight regulations of luggage. If you are using a double ski bag with two pairs of skis, make sure that the combined weight of the two pairs is less than 70 pounds. Some airlines only allow 50 pounds, so be sure to check before you travel. Try to find a boot bag that is small enough to carry on. If the airline loses your skis, you can always rent. But if they lose your boots, your feet will suffer the consequences of rental boots. You can stuff each boot with a plastic bag filled with socks and other small items. This will make your checked luggage a bit lighter. Your best bet? Hardcase sportstubes are the best way to protect your skis when traveling by air.



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