How to Choose Cross Country Ski Gloves

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What should I look for in a cross country ski glove?

How to Choose Cross Country Ski Gloves

There is nothing worse than frost-bitten hands while cross-country skiing. Even if you don't get frostbite, if your hand are cold, the rest of your body will also feel cold. While many people try to spare expenses when choosing cross country ski gloves, that is really not advisable. Here are some factors to take into consideration when buying cross country ski gloves.

  1. To prevent heat escape, be sure that the gloves taper toward the wrist. Choose ski gloves with velcro or buckle closures.
  2. Choose gloves that are specifically designed for skiing. These provide hand flexibility that can not be found in traditional winter gloves or snowboard gloves.
  3. If you ski in extremely cold weather, choose gloves with an insulating layer. These can be composed of either fleece or a synthetic fabric known as Thermacore.
  4. Certain types of gloves feature built in nose wipes and goggle wipes.
  5. The best ski gloves are made from breathable synthetic fabrics or leather.



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