How to Choose Cross Country Ski Clothing

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How should I dress for cross country skiing?

How to Choose Cross Country Ski Clothing

Dressing for cross country skiing can be tricky and challenging. On the one hand, you want to be sure to dress warmly. However, many people tend to underestimate the exertion required for this exhilarating sport. If you overdress, after about 30 minutes of skiing, you might find yourself overheated. Also, if your clothing does not have sufficient wicking capabilities, you will feel wet, and will ultimately end up feeling too cold. On the other hand, if your cross country ski clothing is not warm enough, you run the risk of frost bite and hypothermia.

Most savvy cross country skiers know that dressing in layers is the best choice for warmth and comfort. Begin with a wicking layer of clothing that is composed of synthetic fabrics. Keep in mind that cotton does not have wicking properties, so it should not be used for cross country skiing. Wicking long underwear is available in different weights. If you tend to exert yourself, use lighter weight long underwear. Cross country skiers who ski at leisurely pace, or skiers who ski in exceptionally cold climates, should choose warmer long underwear.



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