Cross Country Ski Boots

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How do skating cross country ski boots differ from touring boots?

Cross Country Ski Boots

Cross country ski boots are sized in three different ways. European sizes are designated by numbers in the 30s and the 40s. In contrast, American sizes use traditional 6-12. Mondo point refers to the length of the boot in centimeters. In most cases, cross country boots come in European sizes with American equivalents, whereas most backcountry boots come in mondo point or European sizes.

Cross country boots range from $39.99 to about $200.00. higher priced boots will have better materials, torsianally stiffer soles for more performance and better insulation.

When you try on cross country ski boots, remember to wear the type of sock that you typically wear when you ski. Look for a snug fit, and make sure that your heel remains in place. Because of the twisting action used in skating technique, skating cross country ski boots should provide additional ankle support, so make sure you have a binding that is compatible with your specific boot. Additionally, their stiffer soles minimize torsional and forward flex.

Check out the sizing guide at for the correct boot size.



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