Integrated Ski Systems

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What is an integrated ski system?

Integrated Ski Systems

Although there have been many new advancements in the ski industry, the integrated ski system is perhaps the most impressive. Integrated ski systems involve a ski and a ski binding that have been coordinated to act as a harmonious unit. This allows the ski to flex freely along its entire length.

In the past, ski bindings were mounted in a fixed position under the skier's heel and toe. This restricted the amount of flexion that the skier had underfoot. The new, integrated ski systems feature a rail that allows the bindings to float along the top sheet of the ski. It slides forward and back as you turn, thus allowing the ski to flex along its entire length.

Proponents of integrated ski and binding systems claim that they transmit more power and accelerate turn execution. Salomon, Elan and K2 are examples of manufacturers that have created integrated ski systems.



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