The Importance of Ski Bindings

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What is the importance of ski bindings?

The Importance of Ski Bindings

When choosing equipment, your skis, boots and bindings act as a system to help you ski your best. While many people pay careful attention to choosing skis and boots, they often neglect to consider buying the correct bindings.

Ski bindings are important because they absorb shock and are set to release according to your skiing ability to prevent injuries.

Bindings will vary according to skier ability level, as well as the type of skiing that the skier performs. For example, telemark and cross country bindings are significantly different from alpine bindings. Additionally, there are special bindings designed for race skis, and shock absorbing pads to free ride bindings. Recently, a new type of "jib binding" has been developed for "park skiers." These bindings have springs that absorb shock when landing from a jump.

Bindings can be purchased alone to be mounted on flat skis or as an integrated system with the skis. Integrated systems provide a more natural flex and a larger sweet spot. Bindings with lifters and integrated systems will provide more leverage that result in more edge hold and easier turning.



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