Let This Be a Lesson: Learning to Ski on a Budget

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How can I find affordable ski lessons?

Let This Be a Lesson: Learning to Ski on a Budget

While allowing your friends or family members to teach you to ski may have an economic advantage, most experts would advise against this. There are many subtleties involved in the sport of alpine skiing, and in many cases, only trained professional ski instructors are able to communicate them. Unfortunately, ski lessons can be expensive. On the other hand, injuries that come from poor technique are even more expensive. Fortunately there are ways to find affordable ski lessons. Here are some of them.

  • Go Midweek: By now you have probably realized that most resorts lower the prices on a number of their services in the middle of the week. Some of them even do it with their lessons. Midweek lessons often have fewer students, so you can end up with a semi-private lesson at a group rate.
  • Look for Lift, Equipment and Lesson Package Deals: These are usually available for new skiers. They combine lift tickets, equipment rental and lessons for a reasonable price.
  • Look for Lodging and Lesson Packages: If you stay at a Sugarloaf Maine on-mountain property, your lessons are free! Sugarloaf actually has a terrific ski school!
  • Find coupons on the Internet: Sites such as skicoupons.com sometimes have discount lesson coupons.



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