Getting Into Snow Ski Instruction

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How can I get started in snow ski instruction?

Getting Into Snow Ski Instruction

Many skiers dream of becoming a ski instructor and getting paid to do what they love and teach others to do it too. Getting into snow ski instruction is tough because of the demand but there are ways to advance yourself quicker if you really have your mind set on it. Here are a few things you can do to give yourself a leg up.

  • Start at the bottom – The best way to get any job that is highly competitive is to get involved however you can. Many ski resorts and ski schools offer far more job opportunities than just snow ski instruction. Getting to know the people who work there by working in a different area at first can give you a personal edge when the time comes to go for the job you really want.
  • Certifications – Depending on where you want to become a snow ski instructor, there are different certifications that you can work towards. These typically depend on the state so check where you live to see what is available for you.
  • Camps and Clinics – Not every snow ski instruction career begins at a resort. There are many ski camps and smaller ski clinics that are always looking for competent instructors. Look around for jobs at these places and you can get the experience under your belt to get the edge over competition.

If your dream is to be in snow ski instruction, do whatever you can do get an advantage over the tons of other skiers who share your dream. These jobs don't always just go to the best skiers, so while your skills are important, they can only get you so far.



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