Twin Tip Skis - Essential for Landing Backwards on a Jump

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Do I need special skis for landing backwards off of ski jumps?

Twin Tip Skis - Essential for Landing Backwards on a Jump

As skiers get more experience with jumping, they like to expand their skills. Landing backwards off of jumps is something that most freestyle skiers will eventually try for themselves. This little maneuver can be dangerous if you do not have the right type of skis.

If you are thinking of trying landing backwards, you should be sure to use twin tip skis. Twin tip skis were precisely designed for skiing backwards. The same reason that the are best for skiing backwards is the reason that they are great for landing backwards off of jumps. Twin tip skis have both ends of the ski raised from the ground. This allows a skier to not worry about a flat tip at the back of their ski grabbing at the snow when they land. The raised tip will allow for an unimpeded landing at the proper angle for landing backwards.

Because the footing on twin tip skis is centered more than the typical ski, you can also have an easier time keeping your balance when landing backwards. For landing backwards, only use twin tip skis or risk taking a major spill.



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