Drop a Ski - The Best Way to Learn Slalom Skiing

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What is a good way to start learning slalom skiing?

Drop a Ski - The Best Way to Learn Slalom Skiing

Slalom skiing is something that every skier will eventually want to try. Most learn pretty quickly that slalom skiing is nothing like your regular, two-ski day on the slopes. There are many ways to learn how to slalom ski. Everyone has there own tips and tricks on how to stay up on only one after being so used to two.

Since most are so used to having two to begin with, this is the key to your first try at slalom skiing. Dropping a ski is one of the best ways to learn slalom skiing. Start off on two skis, as usual. One thing, leave your boot a little looser than normal. Get going on a comfortable pace on the two skis. Once you feel ready, kick off the loose ski and slip your free boot into the back footing of the slalom ski.

The fact that you will already have speed and a rhythm will make the process of learning slalom skiing a little easier to bear. Don't be afraid to give slalom skiing a try. If you can get a handle on it, you will open all new kinds of fun on a hobby you may have been doing for years.



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