Positioning Skis When Downhill Skiing

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How do I position my skis when downhill skiing?

Positioning Skis When Downhill Skiing

Often I have difficulty explaining to people how their skiis should be positioned when downhill skiing. As a child, my parents would encourage me to make a “pizza pie” with my skis to improve what I now know is called downhill skiing. This basic position allowed me to maintain control of my skis and body while skiing.

After mastering the art of “getting down the mountain” a downhill skier can begin to do it with more grace and style. The “pizza pie” ski shape can be replaced by keeping the skis parallel. Of course, beginner downhill skiers find this a difficult trick to master, and will often end up crossing their skis. But if a downhill skier practices the parallel ski position on a beginner slope, they will soon be able to downhill ski on harder slopes. Practice makes perfect!



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