The Dangers of Extreme Skiing

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Is extreme skiing dangerous?

The Dangers of Extreme Skiing

Let's start by reminding people that all sports are dangerous, if not practiced under the skill of a trained supervisor or if a participant does not receive the proper instruction prior to participating, Extreme skiing is no different.

Extreme skiing involves taking changes and trying death defying maneuvers at the speed of light. That being said, under the right conditions, extreme skiing can be worth the dangers this sport inherently comes with. Skiing between trees, jumping off cliffs, and even doing 360 degree flips all while balancing on blades no more than four inches wide is actually not simple taking a chance, its applying skill learned while training to be an extreme skier. Extreme skiing is not for the faith of heart, and carries with it many dangers, but just like anything, it is a skill that one learns, practices, and hopes to master. slalom skiing.



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