How to keep your balance when downhill skiing

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How do I keep my balance when downhill skiing?

How to keep your balance when downhill skiing

In order to keep your balance when downhill skiing, one must bend at the knees. To stay balanced while downhill skiing, one should keep themselves centered above the pelvis. Any minor variation in this basic position can easily cause a skier to loose his or her balance.

Downhill skiing can be difficult to master, but once one learns to keep their balance while downhill skiing, they will find the sport very enjoyable. By staying centered on the skis, once can truly begin to excel. It may take practice maintaining this position on the skis, but as will everything, practice makes perfect when downhill skiing.



1/12/2009 5:39:59 AM
Mir said:

Spelling correction:

'to loose his or her balance.', which should be 'to lose his or her balance.

To loose is the opposite meaning of tightening.
To lose means to get rid of something.


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