All Temp Wax for Various Skiing Conditions

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When should I use all temp wax?

All Temp Wax for Various Skiing Conditions

With so many variations of ski wax on the market, how do you know which type to use? Variations for temperatures, skiing terrain, and so many other factors make choosing a wax difficult for any weekender or beginner.

If you are not sure what the skiing conditions are going to be when you decide to hit the slopes, use an all temp wax on your skis and you will have a good ski no matter what the conditions. All temp wax is made from a different compound than other ski wax. The mixture of natural and synthetic materials in the wax allows skiers to use all temp wax for all different skiing conditions.

There are many manufacturers of all temp wax that provide great protections on the slopes. If you are not sure of the forecast for your next ski trip, bring some all temp wax with you if you want to be covered no matter what.



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