Do It Yourself with a Ski Tuning Kit

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Should I try tuning my own skis with a ski tuning kit?

Do It Yourself with a Ski Tuning Kit

The regular skier will find that their skis need a tuning more often than most. If you fall into this category, you really have two options for your tuning; you can bring your skis to a professional, or you can try the job yourself by purchasing a ski tuning kit. Professionals are an easy choice, however, a good one will often be rather expensive for a tuning. Most of them will tell you the same thing anyways… if you are a serious skier, you should learn how to tune your own skis.

So there is the second option. Tuning your own skis can be very rewarding and save you dough at the same time. You can buy ski tuning kits from many ski retailers. The internet alone has tons of different places where ski tuning kits of all shapes and sizes can be bought for a low cost. Be sure that if you are purchasing a ski tuning kit, it comes with detailed instructions so that your little investment does not destroy your major investment in skis. Anyone can learn how to tune their skis with a ski tuning kit. Look for one that matches with your type of skis and tuning needs. Your manufacturer may even provide ski tuning kits that are specifically made for your brand and type. If they do not, there are many generic ski tuning kits that will work great. Give it a shot yourself.



7/28/2006 7:36:27 PM
Rob said:

The best tuning kit value I've found on the internet is the Tools4Boards Tuning Station (available on eBay for $39). It comes with an edger that bevels both side and base edge along with wax and alot of other items in zipper case for travel.


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