Finding the Best Ski Tuning Tips

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Where can I find ski tuning tips?

Finding the Best Ski Tuning Tips

The dedicated skier is always looking for an edge. If you think of yourself as an avid skier, you can find great ski tuning tips all over the place. Here are a few resources that you may not have checked out yet. Take a look and maybe you will find some ski tuning tips you hadn't thought of yet.

  • Mags – There are more skiing magazines being published today than I can possibly list here. From the large publications to the small ones, you can always find great ski tuning tips from the best professionals and the keenest amateurs.
  • Online – In case you have spent all of your time on the slopes for the last decade or so, there is this great resource called the Internet. You can find ski tuning tips that maybe only one person on earth has ever thought of by checking out skiing message boards and websites.
  • Manufacturers – This is the most overlooked resource for ski tuning tips. It is also the most obvious. Each ski manufacturer will have their own tips and advice for tuning their skis.

After all, they made them. Check with your manufacturer to see what they suggest for your particular model of ski.



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