Simple Guide to Edge Tuning

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What is an easy way to do edge tuning on my skis?

Simple Guide to Edge Tuning

Skiers who want to tune their own skis need to master all steps involved in the full tuning process. Edge tuning is an important step to get right, so here are a few quick steps to help you get your edge tuning down pat. First, use a steel file to flatten any burrs or nicks in the edges. This process is necessary to get a smoother surface for your sharpener.

Once these are taken care of, use a 90-degree edge sharpener along the length of the edges. The best technique is to start from the tip and to pull the file in one direction using overlapping strokes until you reach the tail. Most edge sharpeners only file in one direction, so when edge tuning, this single stroke method is essential. Once you have a few good passes with the sharpener, the final step in edge tuning is to get out the wax.

Apply your wax according to your style of skiing. Just be sure, no matter what type of skis you have, to get an even coat that will give you a good ride and keep you safe. Professional edge tuning is available in most ski shops, so if you are not up to the task, bring your skis in and let a pro do it for you.



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