Conditions that Affect Your Ski Wax

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What conditions will affect my ski wax and need for re-waxing?

Conditions that Affect Your Ski Wax

Many different weather and terrain conditions will affect your need to wax and re-wax your skis. Ski wax is a compound that is often made from a combination of synthetics and natural substances. Because of this delicate combination, you may find your ski wax needs will depend greatly on the conditions in which you ski. For skiers who are skiing in temperatures below freezing, ski wax will be affected by snow structure, snow temperature, the speed with which you ski, and the humidity of the air. Each of these factors in sub-freezing temperatures will influence your need for ski wax and regular waxing. In temperatures that are above freezing, ski wax is influenced by other factors.

Snow structure and skiing speed remain important factors, however, a new issue comes into play when temperatures are above freezing levels. The moisture of the snow will now play a large role in your ski wax needs. Because the temperatures are higher, the snow will be constantly melting. This will make for different levels of snow moisture. Not only will your quantity of ski wax be affected by this, but also the type of wax you use. Choose between a hard and soft wax carefully when dealing with moist conditions.



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