Essential Ski Tuning Supplies

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What ski tuning supplies will I need to do my own tuning?

Essential Ski Tuning Supplies

For the skier who prefers to do their own tuning, there are a few essential ski tuning supplies that you will want to have handy. Some are easier to think of than others, so here is a quick list that you can use for reference. Obviously, you will want some quality ski wax. This should go without saying. You will also want some varied grains of sandpaper. You may want to sand before you wax to get off old wax and chips that show up in the ski. Another important ski tuning supply is a flat file.

Get a heavy grade file since the file should be used for tough jobs that the sandpaper cannot tackle. Also, do not forget to have some clean, lint-free rags around. If you get any lint in your wax, your ski tuning will not go so well. There are many other ski tuning supplies that you can get based on what type of tuning you need. If you need serious help, check with a professional who can help you tune your skis. No matter how many ski tuning supplies you have, if the job is too much for you, you will want their help.



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