Ptex - Repair Your Skis With Ease

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Can Ptex repair chips or cracks in my skis?

Ptex - Repair Your Skis With Ease

Avid skiers will often find that they do some damage to their equipment. Skis in particular are subject to massive amounts of abuse on each run down the slopes. If you find that you have chipped or cracked your skis, but not so bas as to warrant getting a whole new pair, Ptex repairs just this type of problem.

Here is a quick guide to Ptex repair for nicks in skis.

  • Once you have found the spot that needs repair, get some Ptex repair solution and a stiff metal scraper. You will want to brace your ski with a vice to hold it firmly in place.
  • Set the scraper near the area you will be using the Ptex repair solution on.
  • Use a lighter or match to light the Ptex until it begins to melt. When it is lit, Ptex repair solution makes an unmistakable color of orange.
  • Once the Ptex begins to drip, get a few drops into the area that needs repair.
  • After a few drops have fallen into the area, set the lit Ptex repair solution aside and begin smoothing the surface with the metal scraper.
  • Do this gently as to not do further damage to the ski.
  • You are done when the Ptex remains in only the damaged area and not in the surrounding spots.
  • Finish the job with a good coat of wax and your skis should be ready to ride.



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