Ski Socks – Don't leave for the Slopes without Them!

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When do I need ski socks?

Ski Socks – Don't leave for the Slopes without Them!

Most novice skiers are so overwhelmed with all the special supplies needed to hit the slopes, that they neglect the small stuff. Perhaps the most important of these often neglected items are ski socks. Ski socks are specially designed to stay drier and warmer during the harsh conditions on the mountain.

It is very common for water to get trapped in the ski boot. It is so important that this moisture is moved away from your toes, or else so matter how perfect the skiing, you will be uncomfortable and cold in your boots. This can be so distracting that it can cause a skier to cut his or her day short. Spend the few dollars it takes to stay warm and dry…your feet will thank you!



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