Step-In Ski Bindings - Traditional and Reliable

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Should I buy step-in ski bindings instead of newer plate bindings?

Step-In Ski Bindings - Traditional and Reliable

When it comes to ski binding, step-in bindings are by far the most common and popular type. Step-in ski bindings are made of both a heel and toe piece. Both of these parts are attached to the top side of the ski. With these types of bindings, a skier need only to slide their boot into position and the ski bindings will lock them into place.

For security, step-in ski bindings have release systems that conform to the internationally recognized DIN scale. Most step-in ski bindings will release a skier's toe and heel in an upward motion, although sometimes the toe will release sideways. The release settings of step-in ski bindings can be adjusted for a skiers personal taste. Be sure that your settings will not put you at risk of being unable to bail out when you need to.

When you are looking into purchasing a set of ski bindings, be sure to know what type of release you prefer and that the model you choose will provide you with it. Step-in ski bindings were revolutionary when they were first introduced and remain the most popular and reliable ski bindings on the market today. There have been many other types of bindings, such as plate bindings, introduced to the market. However, for safety and reliability, stick with what has worked for so many generations of skiers… stick with the step-in ski bindings.



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